Keep your shared tasks in order, so you have time for more fun.

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We are all a bit different

Different expectations, following up on responsibilities and agreeing on a system that works for everyone are often sources of frustration at home, in the office and in many other shared spaces. Can you relate?

The BeTIDY-app helps you make a fair, easy to follow system so that you can focus on other things.


With BeTIDY you can easily invite friends and tailor group tasks that make sense for you, based on the spaces that you share.

Schedule tasks

The solution lets you share responsibilities and keep control over how you delegate them. Always know what you and others are responsible for, and let the group know when you’re done.

Align Expectations

Together, set “wellbeing rules” for how you want the space to be so that everyone is clear on different needs and expectations within the group.

Doing these three simple things will help to remove friction, and make it easier to follow up if necessary. 🎉

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